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Simon Reynolds

Music journalist and cultural commentator.

Books include:
  BLISSED OUT: The Raptures of Rock
    A collection of essays
UK: Serpent's Tail 1990; reissued by rock'sbackpages as an e-book 2011
  THE SEX REVOLTS: Gender, Rebellion and Rock 'n Roll
    With Joy Press
UK: Serpent's Tail 1995
USA: Harvard University Press
Germany: Ventil Verlag; Japanese serial rights: Honoh Magazine; Turkey: Ayrinti

UK: Picador 1998; updated 2008; reissued and again updated by Faber & Faber 2013
USA: Little, Brown 1998; Routledge as GENERATION ECSTASY
Reissued by Soft Skull Press
Croatia: Naklada Ljevak; Italy: Arcana; Spain: Contra

  RIP IT UP AND START AGAIN: Post Punk 1978 - 1984
    UK: Faber & Faber 2005
USA: Viking
France: Editions Allia; Germany: Hannibal;
Italy: ISBN - reissued by Minimum Fax; Japan: Shinko Music Entertainment;
Poland, Krytyka Polityczna; Spain: Caja Negra Editora
Film and TV rights: under option
  BRING THE NOISE: 20 years of writing about hip rock and hip hop
    UK: Faber & Faber 2007
USA: Soft Skull Press
France: Au Diable Vauvert; Italy: ISBN
  TOTALLY WIRED: Post-Punk Interviews and Overviews
    UK: Faber & Faber 2009
USA: Soft Skull Press
Italy: ISBN
  RETROMANIA: Pop Culture's Addiction to its Own Past
    UK: Faber & Faber 2011
USA: Faber Inc
France: Le Mot et le Reste; Germany: Ventil Verlag;
Italy: ISBN - reissued by Minimum Fax;
Korea: Workroom; Poland: Kosmos Kosmos Kazimierz Staszewski;
Russia: White Label Publishers; Spain: Caja Negra Editora
  DESPUÉS DEL ROCK: Collected Essays
    Spain: Caja Negra Editora 2011
    UK: Faber & Faber 2009
USA: Soft Skull Press
Italy: ISBN
SHOCK AND AWE: GLAM ROCK and its legacy from the Seventies to the 21st Century
    UK: Faber & Faber 2016
USA: Harper Collins, Dey Street Books – including unabridged audio edition read by Nicholas Carr
France: Audimat; Germany: Ventil Verlag; Italy: Minimum Fax;
Spain: Caja Negra Editora

Details of Simon Reynolds' various blogs can be found at:

Simon Reynolds on twitter: @SimonRetromania